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Burnin Rubber Multiplayer

What is Burnin Rubber Multiplayer

Burnin Rubber Multiplayer: You can beat up your friends in this long-awaited multiplayer car combat arena game. You can use your driving and shooting skills to find enemies and stun them. There are a lot of cool cars to unlock and powerful weapons to try out. With a brand-new U-turn move, you can surprise your opponents.
Five new deathmatch maps! All of the 40 cars are old favorites from the BR series. You know and love all of the main, secondary, and special weapons. More than 30 in all! Do challenges to get game money and BR tokens. Full controller support!

How to play

(W)(A)(S)(D)/(Arrowkeys): Drive (Spacebar): Nitro (Shift): Drift Double-tap (Shift): U-turn (Z); Left Mouse Button: Fire Primary (X); Right Mouse Button: Fire Secondary (F); Middle Mouse Button: Use Special Weapon (C): Look Behind (1) - (0): Dialog Hotkeys Hold ('): Show Dialog Wheel (V): Toggle HUD (ESC)/Pause (P): See the in-game help screen for how to use a gamepad.

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