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SCP Laboratory Idle Secret

What is SCP Laboratory Idle Secret

SCP Laboratory Idle Secret: Launch this covert clicker to advance to the manager level and create your own X-Files Foundation lab. Hire staff, upgrade your lab, investigate cutting-edge technology, and experience narrative events!
Earn money and scientific points by tapping! With each click, you earn money. Use this money to upgrade your lab and run extraterrestrial experiments. Improve your laboratory; hire staff! When you have enough cash, you can invest it in strengthening the foundation. Basic clicker mechanics: some changes result in a rise in passive income, while others do not. Follow the action of the story! Get ready with enough cash and science points to take part in the story's happenings. You'll get a continual boost for your whole lab after finishing the event.

How to play

The controls for this game are really basic! To start earning money, press the red button. Your profit will increase if you invest in more sophisticated equipment and hire more qualified workers. And resources amass in order to conduct the operations of a covert laboratory and advance a compelling narrative.

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