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Space Conflict

What is Space Conflict

Space Conflict: You are the only one who can stop a meteorite assault on the universe, and it is happening right now! To prevent the meteors from reaching you, your spaceship is equipped with cannons that you can use to destroy them. Therefore, there is no time to waste; fire up your weapons and get moving! Come and give this space-based action-adventure game a try; it's called Space Conflict Marathon. Your mission is to enter this war zone and eliminate all of the threats that are trying to reach Earth. Who else, outside of yourselves, beloved kids, and fans of the blog, has a better chance of protecting our planet than you do?

How to play

For the personal computer: To maneuver the spaceships, use the Up, Right, and Left arrow keys; to shoot, press the Space button. Joystick control is required to maneuver the player on mobile devices. You can fire by pressing the fire button.

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