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Stickman Draw the Bridge

What is Stickman Draw the Bridge

Stickman Draw the Bridge: Draw a line so the stickman can drive over it like a bridge. Learn to draw lines in a creative way to improve your brain and logic. Try to finish all of the levels and save Stickman!
It's fun, relaxing, and a good way to kill time. Simple system of matter Exercise your mind. Put your imagination to the test. Simple yet interesting combination of logic puzzles and drawing games This is a test to see how creatively you can think of ways to solve problems. Jump right into the fun world of stickman puzzles!
Stickman Draw the Bridge: Draw the bridge to save the stickman. Use your finger to make lines to paint a bridge with a stick in the car. Draw and save the stickman puzzle. Cat rescue and dog rescue lines are like a puzzle: draw it or die. Stickman and the doge rescue: draw love balls to save

How to play

Draw a road to get the car to the finish line. Make sure your line doesn't hurt the stickman you need to carry. Each level can have more than one answer.

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