Vampire Survivors: Tips and Strategies

In Vampire Survivors, you have to stay alive through waves of monster enemies that seem to never end. Even though Vampire Survivors looks like a simple survival action game, it's probably going to be hard for a beginner to survive the horde for the 30 grueling minutes it takes to finish a stage.

You'll find tips and strategies in this Vampire Survivors guide to help you plan better and understand the game's complex rules so you can survive the never-ending stream of enemies. 

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Don't Play Defensively

When you play a survival game, you might find that you naturally play defensively and try to avoid enemies. But in Vampire Survivors, this strategy will leave you weak and vulnerable when the horde grows in size and strength.

Instead of trying to stay alive by running away from the monsters, you should plan how to kill them. You can get XP-gems and Chests that will help you improve your stats and weapons by killing as many enemies as possible. You should also take an aggressive approach when you're Leveling Up, as shown above, and when you use coins to PowerUp between runs.

For example, when you choose upgrades or boost your stats, you can choose to improve your Armor, MaxHealth, or MoveSpeed, which are all defensive attributes. Even though these items aren't necessarily useless, they aren't as powerful as raw damage per second (DPS).

Instead of picking defensive items or making them better, you should choose and improve weapons that do a lot of damage, like the Shadow Pinion and King Bible. Your high DPS will put you in a much better position to fight back against the horde, since your defensive stats won't be able to stop damage from coming in if you don't have the DPS to kill the more dangerous enemies in the late game.

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