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Among Us

What is Among Us

Among Us is a multiplayer game that is all about teamwork and betrayal. The game takes place in space and you can play as either a crewmate or an impostor.

How to play Among Us

The game sets in The Skeld spaceship outer space. Each game has about four to fifteen players. There are two teams in the game, Crewmates, and Impostors.

The crewmates have to complete different tasks and vote to eject all impostors. The impostors have to disguise themselves as a crewmate, sabotage the system and kill the crewmates to win.

The Impostor wins if the crewmates can't complete their tasks before the game ends. As a crewmate, you have to complete tasks while trying to observe to spot the impostor. Find out which players are moving around together and which one is going alone.

As an impostor, you have to misdirect everyone. Try to build up trust with other players. Besides, you also have to kill them to win. However, make sure that you don't kill them when the lights are flashing read. Otherwise, someone can watch you on camera.

If a player is killed or ejected, he will become a ghost. As a ghost, you can pass through walls and see what other players are doing. However, you can't communicate with living players.
Try to complete the tasks of the crewmates or impostors and win the game.

Among Us is a multiplayer deduction game that requires strategy and communication.

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