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Geometry Dash

What is Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash is a music platform game where you control a cube and jump to avoid spikes and obstacles to reach the end. The game requires great reflexes and reactions.

How to play Geometry Dash

The game consists of 21 levels. You take control of a square cube and jump your way through obstacles to reach the end. The cube will move forward automatically and you have to act quickly. The game control is also simple. Simply left-click or tap on the screen to jump.

The game ends if you crash into an obstacle. And in this case, you have to start from scratch.

The keys to winning the game are music and timing as these two factors are in relation to each other. It's important to time your movements to avoid crashes.

Can you complete all of the 21 levels in the Geometry Dash game? Play it now and share your results with us!

Game Features:

  • Excellent background music
  • Different levels to test your skills
  • Simple controls

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