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Paper Minecraft

What is Paper Minecraft

Paper Minecraft is a 2D version of the legendary Minecraft game. It brings both of the two modes from the original Minecraft game, the survival, and creative modes.

How to play Paper Minecraft

If you've played Minecraft before, you will know how this game works.

In the classic survival game, you have to gather resources, create items, and weapons, and build structures to defend yourself from the monsters.

The goal of this mode is to try to survive as long as possible. So it's important to arm yourself with powerful weapons to fight and defend against numerous monsters that appear at night.

In the creative mode, you can create your own world from scratch. It all depends on your creativity. You can utilize various items, woods, rocks, fields, and many more to build a world and share it with your friends. There is no monster around so you don't have to worry about surviving!

Game Features:

  • 2D Minecraft version
  • Classic survival and creative modes
  • Engaging gameplay

Game Controls:

WAD or arrow keys to move or jump.

Left mouse button to dig or place blocks.

E to open the inventory.

F to eat.

Space bar to split item.

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