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Slice It All

What is Slice It All

Slice It All: In this game, you have to cut through things that are in your way. Tap the screen to flip your knife and cut the obstacles in your way in half. This is the best way to learn how to slice like a pro. When you have a very sharp knife, nothing can stop you. When you flip your knife at the right time, you can cut through pencils, pipes, anvils, and more. You'll always have to keep the knife in the air. And you have to keep tapping and turning the knife to do this. You can even use the knife's handle to bounce off obstacles, flip back, and get a better chance to cut. Don’t touch the water, or your run will come to an end! Don't fall into the ditches, either. Checkpoints are the dark gray squares, so try to hit them. A simple but challenging game with a colorful and well-balanced user interface to make it easy on the eyes.

How to play

Tap the screen to flip the knife and cut through amazing obstacles to get to the end. Win: At the end, the knife gets to the scoreboard. Loss: The knife cuts on something in the way. Can you get there?

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