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Vampire Survivors

What is Vampire Survivors

Vampire Survivors is a roguelike horror survival game where you have to fight against waves of monsters and try to survive until dawn. There's no place where you can hide. You have to defeat the monsters, collect gems to level up and arm yourself with powerful weapons.

About Vampire Survivors game

It's a new survival horror game developed by Luca Galente and released on December 17, 2021. It quickly gained popularity after its release. The game has taken the indie world by storm with its engaging gameplay, simple mechanics, tons of upgrades, and secrets waiting for you to unravel. It has received overwhelmingly positive reviews on Steam.

The story starts when the evil Bisconte Draculó summoned hordes of monsters to destroy the land. The brave Belpaese family and other survivors decide to go on a hunt to destroy Draculó. They have to go to different places infested with monsters, from a cursed forest to an ominous tower, a cursed forest, and many more.

How to play Vampire Survivors

The game rules are simple. When you enter the game, you have to select your character. There are over 20 characters to choose from and each one has different starting weapons and attributes. You have to control your character and try to survive hordes of monsters. 

By defeating the monsters and exploring the stage, you can collect gems and level up. When you rank up, you can upgrade your weapons or select among three or four weapons and power-ups. Once you have collected all of the six weapons and power-ups and fully upgraded them, each time you level up, you will gain gold coins or floor chickens. The floor chicken can help restore your health.

There are also chests dropped around by monsters. These chests contain random items and weapons. You can collect and open them for a special surprise. Each session of the game takes about 15 to 30 minutes. If you are defeated by the monsters, you will be sent back to the Home screen with the coins you earned.

If you have successfully cleared all of the enemies, the strongest enemy named Death will appear. He will spawn every minute to make sure of your eventual demise. A successful session is one that reaches or even exceeds the time limit for a stage. Each successful session rewards extra gold coins.

Besides, you can also unlock new characters and power-ups with your earned coins in between sessions.

Game Controls:

WASD or Arrow keys to move.

Left-click to attack or interact in the game.

Game Features

  • Various characters to try
  • Numerous weapons and items to collect.
  • Different achievements to unlock
  • Minimalist graphics
  • Engaging gameplay

Game tips and tricks

Don't just defend

In this game, if you just try to play defensively and avoid the incoming monsters, you will soon become vulnerable and underpowered. Instead, try to aim precisely and strategically to take them down. As you eliminate the monsters, you can also earn experience gems and chests to improve and upgrade your weapons with high damage.

Know your enemies

There are different kinds of monsters in this game and each one has different behaviors and powers. By learning their behaviors and knowing their health, you can exploit their weaknesses.

Weak enemies can be easily killed and stronger ones require more damage to defeat. They also pose more threats than weaker ones. So if you find that there's still a lot of space between you and them and you can still run from them, you can hunt them down. You can collect high-tier gems upon their death.

Spend your coins wisely

You can use your earned coins to power up different attributes and equip yourself better for the next run.

Sum Up

If you are a fan of roguelikes, Vampire Survivors is a perfect game to play. It's a fantastic gothic horror survival game with amazing roguelike elements. It's available to play online for free on your PC and mobile devices (Android, iPhone)!

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