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Bounce and Collect

What is Bounce and Collect

In the game Bounce and Collect, you have to tip cups of balls as they go through different kinds of obstacles. By playing this game, you can get better at controlling speed by putting your hands and eyes to the test. Your goal is to get as many balls as you can by using bonus areas with multiplication factors to add more balls. Can you make it?

How to play

Drag the ball to pour it! Your goal is to drop the balls in the right places to get the most points and move on to the next level. - The player wins when he or she gets enough balls to fill the cup and move on to the next level. - The player loses because he or she doesn't get enough balls to fill the cup. In some places, the ball will be doubled or tripled. When your ball goes through a cell, that cell's value goes up by a certain amount, and you have to get them all.

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