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Siren Apocalyptic

What is Siren Apocalyptic

Siren Apocalyptic is a game in which a Siren Apocalyptic monster is the main bad guy. According to legend, Siren Apocalyptic is a massive humanoid creature. This means that it looks like a person, but it is very big and bony, and instead of a head, it has several sirens that are attached to its body with ligaments. If you are walking through the forest and suddenly hear the sound of sirens, you should run away without looking back. You play as an agent who is sent to the radiation island to find out what's going on there. Your goal is to put up surveillance cameras on the island so that your leaders can watch them and figure out why there are so many monsters there. Most importantly, you need to try to find and kill a very dangerous monster called the Siren Apocalypse.

How to play

Use the arrow keys on the keyboard to move, and use the mouse to aim and shoot.
Try to stay alive in a scary post-apocalyptic world where strange creatures have taken over, infected all living things, and are ready to eat you. If you are quick, you can stay alive and kill all the monsters that get in your way.

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