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The Island of Momo

What is The Island of Momo

The Island of Momo is free to play! In this awesome shooting game, you have to kill the scary Momo and all of her bad monsters.

The Island of Momo is a 3D game where there are a lot of guns to choose from. In this gun game, you'll have to reload after you've killed Momo more than once. She will keep coming back over and over again until her team kills you. In this adventure game, you have to try to run away while being shot at. At first, it will be easy, but then Momo will start sending you a lot more enemies. Explore the muddy areas and look for bullets or even better guns. So, in this survival game, are you ready to fight her? If that's the case, let's start fighting the well-known creepypasta!

How to play

WASD to walk, left click to shoot, right click to aim, Space to Jump, Shift to Run, and CTRL to crawl. R for item, G for grenade, and H for weapon .

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