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The House Of Evil Granny

What is The House Of Evil Granny

The House of Evil Granny: When you wake up, you're in a room. Granny, a crazy old woman who hunts her prey with a bloody baseball bat and has locked you up in an old, run-down house Explore and look for things and tools that you can use to open the different locks that Granny has on her front door while you try to get away from her. To unlock the front door, you need to find a hammer, which can also be used as a weapon to knock Granny out for 15 seconds, a battery, and the main door key.

How to play

W, A, S, and D to move. Click the mouse to look. Left-click the mouse to attack. Right-click the mouse to block an attack. F to do things with things To run, use the left shift.CTRL+left to crouch X to lie downspace to jump.

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